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New Expansion Teaser – Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - [Merged]

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why elite specializations only came for 2 classes will not come to other classes

Just want to say that when you (Anet) say you're going to hit us with a tidal wave of information, I expected more than this.   Hopefully you will release more information in the very near f

@Evil Seabass.5214 said:The logo for this expansion is a dragon in the waves...guess we'll end up killing Jormag and Primordus during the living world, then face of against the water dragon in the expansion. My guess is this trailer was Aurene talking with Kuunavang, discussing the end of the last dragon.

It implies that, but we've barely touched on Primordus and only just got started with Jormag. I hope the end of the dragons - title aside - is nowhere near in sight. We are still 3 to go and that's a lot of potential for them to avoid rushing through

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2 things wrong. In Cantha they booted out all the humans so only 1/5 of the playable races will be welcome. The other thing is we still have to deal with Primordus so its not the End of Dragons unless we fight them both at once. Taimi's machine put Primordus and Jormag to sleep but Jormag woke up so we are dealing with him now.

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