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New Expansion Teaser – Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - [Merged]

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why elite specializations only came for 2 classes will not come to other classes

Just want to say that when you (Anet) say you're going to hit us with a tidal wave of information, I expected more than this.   Hopefully you will release more information in the very near f

I was at the livestream when they revealed this trailer and let me say everyone was freaking out, including myself. During the stream, Rubi, one of the devs just said 'We have another suprise trailer for you, I'm not gonna give it an intro because it doesn't need one." and then PLAYED THIS TRAILER WE WERE ALL SO SUPRISED!!!! I was totally freaking out in chat and then that smug lovable Rubi bastard ended the stream right after that!!! I haven't been this hyped in so long OMG!!!!!!!!!

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what a trailer that shows nothing, worst by far. sure looks good, but, nothing is really shown more like a capture to generate hype, opposite effect here.When it will be released with water everywhere and a dragon with feeling *bleh made by mixing jormag and kralky it will be too late.But yeah, you have points for efforts and graphic. Gonna hate it, cantha, only for nostalgia...

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@"Forbidden Virtue.1089" said:Does this mean after this expantion it's over? That the story is done?

Maybe or Maybe not. The story may have something much bigger behind the Elder Dragons as they left us certain mysteries such as who is the "Mother" and what could have happened to this "Mother"?

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@Randulf.7614 said:

@"Evil Seabass.5214" said:The logo for this expansion is a dragon in the waves...guess we'll end up killing Jormag and Primordus during the living world, then face of against the water dragon in the expansion. My guess is this trailer was Aurene talking with Kuunavang, discussing the end of the last dragon.

It implies that, but we've barely touched on Primordus and only just got started with Jormag. I hope the end of the dragons - title aside - is nowhere near in sight. We are still 3 to go and that's a lot of potential for them to avoid rushing through

With nothing else to go on, I believe this is the "End of Dragons" - as we know them. Which means we have found a way to replace the remaining ones for good.

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@zealex.9410 said:

@"lorddavito.2395" said:So, when do we get this? Trailer is fun and all but release date???

2021 is all they have said so far. They wont give a date this far away

honestly 2021 is good, id prefer q1 2022 sp they trully get their time with this but that might be unrealistic

In the stream they said "end of 2021."

I love this teaser. It's the same smooth-blending, transforming figures style that we got in the initial fractals trailer, and since I have given feedback in the past that I thought that was a great presentation, I'm very happy to see it again.

Edit: Correction -- Rubi said "End of Dragons, 2021," and in my excitement I misheard. Could be earlier in the year, woo!

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  • ArenaNet Staff

@Forbidden Virtue.1089 said:Does this mean after this expantion it's over? That the story is done?

No, this does not mean the end of the story. I'm not going to give you spoilers, but all of our Living World seasons have been building toward this. We've been working on this for a long time. In the meantime, we’re having lots of fun reading all your ideas about where the story is heading. Speculate away!

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Nice. Cantha confirmed. And Kuunavang. (I wonder if he counts is a elder dragon - or something similar. Scion of some other elder dragon.)With "End of Dragons" all the dragons will have been beaten. Last ones in this expansion I guess.

After that maybe GW3 or more living story and smaller releases. My guess is that it will be the last expansion (all regional parts covered that had been covered in the old GW1) and only small story updates ... and maybe focus on PvP/WvW ... for a while. Until GW3 happens.

Though ... I wonder about Primordus and some underground maps. (Which might come with living world after that expansion ... or before it. I guess they'll release this one late next year.)

For expansion level content ... surely this game already has tons of stuff. And more and more professions or elite specs (which people usually request with expansions) make balancing harder. But adding more living world ... I guess for a few years there is still room to do so. (I mean from PoF rlease until End of Dragons it has been a few years.)

Looking forward to more infos about the content. (New races/professoins/elite specs?)

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