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[EU][PvX]Heroes of the Future, a quite fresh guild for new/returning players looking for new members


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Hello adventurer!

We are called The Heroes of the Future, an EU (!) guild that was initially created to get a group of new/returning players into the game, learn from each other and just enjoy and experience the game with a bunch of nice and newbie people.Over the time we had more and more veterans joining as well, helping out and forming a very nice and friendly guild environment with a good mix of different player types.This helped us growing over the time and we transformed from a newbie guild into more of a regular guild.

For new/returning players:

With that in mind, giving a home to new or returning players is still a very important aspect for us, because this was the core idea in the beginning.Those players can benefit a lot from the knowledge of our veterans, our nice and friendly environment and our casual approach to the game.

For experienced players:

With some veterans joining and other members entering the end game, we are getting more and more into the different aspects of the end game conent the game has to offer.That and our guild environment are things every veteran player can enjoy as well and help forming the healthy mix of different player types in the guild.

For players with raiding experience:

As we have a lot of people interested in raids, we would really like to take our first step into raiding. For that to happen we need a person able to lead those raids!We are a casual guild, but at the same time very motivated and interested in that aspect of the end game.The chance of failing quite hard and lot for the first few weeks/months is pretty high, so you should come in with that in mind.Especially for a person with some raid experience but trying to get into leading raids, that could be a good chance to benefit from each other! :)

Guild communication:

We are using discord as our main communication tool besides the ingame guild chat.Texting in different channels and hanging around in our voice chat rooms in the evenings and especially when we are doing our organized guild activities.

Current guild schedule:

The thought behind our small schedule was to give every members enough freedom while playing the game and do what ever they like and enjoy doing, but at the same time having some weekly organized events to join in and spend some time with the guildies.With that being said, if you want to group up more often than 3 times a week, there are pretty much always people available and looking for others to play with.

We always start grouping and getting ready at 6:00pm server time, the activity itself will start 30min. later at 6:30pm server time.

  • Wednesday: What ever we feel like that day. Map completions, achievements, jumping puzzles, story runs, farming runs, leveling, PvP etc.

  • Friday: Group PvE. Dungeons, Fractals etc. + Raids (after we found a raidleader crazy enough to lead a bunch of casuals).

  • Sunday: Good old guild missions.

Contact us:

If you think that our guild could be something for you, feel free to answer this post or mail me or one of our officers in game at:

Leader: Stuckili.4157

Officer: AdaephonDelat.3890

Officer: Terrordrone.4280

I am sure you guys will enjoy your time with us, I hope to see you on board very soon and have a nice day all! :)

Kind regards,


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