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The Lore of Lazarus


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In GW1, elementalist was basically the 'default' mursaat - when ever they just wanted generic mursaat, it was usually elementalists. You see this, for instance, in the mission where you rescue Evennia - the mursaat on the non-bonus path there are basically all elementalists, since story-wise you're not supposed to be able to fight them (not having infused armour...). So when Lazarus appears in the EOTN quest, they went with elementalist as the default.

They then brought him back in the BMP, but didn't want to have him be a second elementalist alongside Optimus Caliph, so he got to be a necromancer instead (which makes sense given his strategy of dividing his essence). As Jay says, this finally got reflected in E6 by making him a bit of both. Probably E/N - he seems to use more elementalist stuff than necromancer stuff.

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