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Need assistance with hybrid mirage for solo/small ops WvW

Magical Things.8465

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I'm looking for some help with a solo/small ops mirage buildHere is what I have so far: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQRAra3fnsIClphVLDGpBMMjlXDz//NATgoBgcyRoMB0bCOA-j1xHABAcSAm9JAMv6Pnt/wcKBXS5346HIFAE70A-w

I'm really most confused about gearing. I want to keep the hybrid damage yet not be as squishy. Any idease?

I appreciate any assistance!

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In terms of maximising stats, the cele sweet spots are on all armour aside from legs. I just quickly did the following ((total cele stat - total viper stat)/(total viper stat))*100 to see the overall percentage stat gain from viper to cele on any given piece of gear. Bear in mind this might not give exactly the stats you want, but if taking things like Renewing Oasis it's worth thinking about every stat including healing power.Head = 25%Chest = 24.73%Gloves/Shoulders/Shoes = 24.19%Accessories = 24.11%Back = 24.05%2H weapon = 24.02%1H weapon = 23.65%Amulet = 23.53%Rings = 23.15%Legs = 23.2%

In my previous hybrid chrono roaming build I used full cele trinkets and cele head with viper everything else (and antitoxin runes + sweet bean buns for easy passive anti cc condi reduction), but for mirage I've put in more cele, because I have enough power through runes, a little might and enough condi through perma vigour and might:


Although in this build ideally I'd have viper rings/amulet and cele on the weapons, but that's too much hassle for the tiny global stat increase.

Oh for the record regarding movement speed I'm testing slotting in Signet of Inspiration, because runes of the adventurer with traited mirror heal are too damn good to give up for traveler... though ideally the writ of masterful speed is the best possible combination if you are ultra rich.

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