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Why is the Guild hall so tiny in width compared to its height?

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The new guild hall Windswept Haven, (that i bet the majority of you haven't spent much time in at all)* is so freaking tiny in width compared to the almost endless height this place has.usYcCiz.jpgLP & GH which have alot more explorable areas high up, were easy enough to reach the ceilings.WSH is different there is nothing high up in the sky, no reason to explore it.** I have yet to reach a ceiling in WSH and i am many, many, many, many, mast poles up (making springer jp :D). There is nothing to grab onto for scaffolding. you gotta make your own with zero mountains on the edges high up to assist you. (SAB decorations = great scaffolding). I have noticed off in the distance what appears to be faint mountains if u look back past the mines NW corner. TReleQL.jpgThough i'm sure its just a flat image there to tease since the invisible walls are much much closer and why is this image there anyways, you can barely see it. I can see the edge of the map more clearly then this mountain range. I'm so high up i'm about to be in outer space!

Ok for reels though, many would have preferred a wider map like the bigger maps we got in Pof. A much wider empty desert landscape would have been better then endless sky. (sure you have great views, but the height doesn't matter for that.

**One option to address these issue in updates would be to add sky islands above, way up in the sky not visible from the ground or even the roof of the tallest building. But for those true explorer/builder/architects, they'll find it. Another option is cave systems under the map; maybe an underground lake?

I've seen pics of 2 rooms under the mine area that are blocked off and inaccessible, why?ehJZxHk.pngZnY1VLU.jpgQtG7ulg.jpgThere doesn't appear to be any other guild hall upgrades. Will we be getting more guildhall upgrades in the future? And is this the reason the hall seems so empty? i doubt it, but can hope.

*I love building and i know i have spent the most amount of time in our guildhall then anyone else in guild. Addicted to building that is me :D (2hrs /day at least)

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I get what you're saying only the people with Magical permissions, Decoraters, & Hardcore explorers use this , right? Actually many go off to the outer edges to explore, they find it fun. but there is the other lazy group that don't spend a whole lot of time in ghall, want everything centered and don't care about anything else.Halls from this point forward need to be HYBRIDS!Anyways.. in GH and LP there were lots of fun things to do. JPs, glider obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, mazes & minecrafting with decorations :D many fun guild activities, that lots of people participated in with LP and GH. Just go to youtube and look at all the wonderful jps and things people made. Really used all that space. But now with WSH there isn't as much to do high up. So why does it even go 30+ mastpoles up above the highest roof line into nothing? would much of preferred width to height.

Another odd thing is that there are these so called housing areas or nooks, but why are they blocked off?KMcWM6Q.jpgI just got past one invisible wall to find another (red lanterns mark the wall)AyDMzmy.jpgThis would make such a lovely room or housing space, but you can't access it very easily and probably aren't supposed to at all. lPu0QKG.jpg

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