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[FakB] Fakbois Inc [Social/PvX][NA][Discord][FC][18+] Recruiting active members!


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[FakB] Fakbois Inc is a PvX Social guild comprised of members who are 18+. We are looking for active members to add to our family.

What our Guild brings to you is a platform to learn, grow, and experience all that this game has to offer.

If a social relaxed place is what you want, then look no further. We offer nothing but great people, a great atmosphere, and great fun in everything we do.

We have a system of Commanders for each section (PvE/PvP/WvW) who lead the events, make the schedules, and plan out every detail so everyone can experience and be a part of our events.

If you like PvE, we have a section devised for that. PvP? Got that too. WvW? Of course, if you are in FC that is. Since we have a section for everything, that gives us the luxury of not locking you into one section of the game. If you wanna WvW all the time be my guest, but if you feel like doing a dungeon or battleground as well, please, sign up and have fun!

There are NO Representation Requirements since there at 5 guild slots and if you want perks from another guild but be a part of ours, be my guest.

There are things we ask of you, though very little.

  • Be 18+ old.
  • Contribute to our guild in donations whenever you can.
  • Join our Discord. It's our hub for EVERYTHING.
  • Join events.

We are currently growing and trying to gain donations so we can progress further as a guild and gain a big enough funding where we can host Metas and bigger events including anyone and everyone.

Message Goldmask.4370 in-game to get an invite.

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