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https://buy.guildwars2.com/ broken on Firefox

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@"Alukah.2063" said:https://buy.guildwars2.com/ is completely broken on Firefox and new players using Firefox are unable to buy the game.

This is what it looks like


There are three level in settings for Privacy and Security on Firefox. Default, Strict and Custom. Pick the last one and make sure to let cookies to be unticked, the rest ticked which means that those should be blocked from FF. This setting should let you visit most websites without issues. In YT video you will also see that you directly from same place where you type links also decide or change restriction for each website. Click on the shield symbol or padlock and you will see options for this. Here you can adjust directly instead from options-settings in FF.

I have no problems to see that page in full without missing pieces. Make sure that you don't have other adblock extension/add on that might be using filters that block elements on websites.

Here is video showing you where in FF Privacy and Security section is located in settings.

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