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Suggestion: Move Venom Trait to Deadly Arts Specialization


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The Current State

The Shadow Arts spec now has two traits associated with slot skills. One is Hidden Thief, which improves Deception skills, and the other is Leeching Venom, which improves Venom skills.On the other hand, the Deadly Arts spec has no trait associated with any slot skills. Furthermore, while Deadly Ambition (adept major) and Potent Poison (grandmaster major) offers a lot of condition damage buff in PvE, the master tier major trait Panic Strike hugely underperforms in overall PvE scenarios.


So why not move the Venom trait to the Deadly Arts spec? Not to mention the Venom skills inherently offers a lot of condition damage pressure, which additionally would also works perfectly with the grandmaster minor trait Exposed Weakness. They are just both functionally and thematically suited for the Deadly Arts spec.My proposal would be to remove the Spider Venom stacks Leeching Venom originally provides upon player character entering stealth, and merge it with Panic Strike. Also, make the immobilization cooldown of the newly merged trait per target, just like how Lotus Poison functions, so that it works in PvE. The result would look like the following:


Venom Strike (Deadly Arts, master tier major trait; the stupid name here is a mere placeholder and suggestions are welcome!)Venom skills siphon life from struck foes. Immobilizing a foe grants you stacks of Spider Venom. Striking a foe that is below the health threshold immobilizes them.

Life Siphon Damage: 353 (0.33) in PvE; 160 (0.0165) in PvPLife Siphon Healing: 325 (0.2)Spider Venom Stacks: 6 in PvE; 2 in WvW/sPvPHealth Threshold: 50%Immobilize (2½s): Unable to move. (Internal Cooldown: 20 s in PvE and 30 s in WvW/sPvP)

Further inputs are welcome!

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@kash.9213 said:Your title suggests removing the leeching effect but at the bottom you left it in. I use that trait, it's not a small part of my build, I like it where it is.

Ah yes that was my original idea. After digging into the whole thing further though I changed my mind and proposed something different. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency! (And sorry for the trouble if what I proposed here gets implemented :( )

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