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Damage and how its worked out?


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Ok before I start moaning I would like to point out I know that if I have 25 vun on me and they have 25 might a skill that says 900 damage will crit for more than the expected amount but I see some number that just look stupidly strong.Like these examples:Rift slash damage 583 crits me for 2543Elemental blast damage 219 crits me for 2308Death strike damage 381 crits me for 6111 (same person as the ele blast)Rift slash damage 363 crits me for 2416 (same person as the above two)Impossible odds damage 276 crits me for 1126(same)Gun flame blast damage 933 crits me for 11,690

Some of them are "bonus" damage but I cant see how a skill that is supposed to do a base damage of 219 should crit for 1000% more no matter how many boons they have on (but they didnt) or how much vun I have on me(Which I didnt).If gear was a thing I could understand it but when everyone is basically gear-less and its so easy to just copy a build and then the only difference is who has more skill(or macro)or if you get outnumbered/better teamwork.

So besides the excuse "They might have had 25 might" how can these numbers be true and how come only certain people do this sort of damage?I have seen others with less skill but the same build and they take more damage and don't do the same damage as these "skilled" players so I cant put it down to "They know what there doing" because No skill person A with a gun will do the exact same damage as Skilled Person B.

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Burst of Strength: +7% damageSwift Termination: +20% damage or Unsuspecting Strikes: +10% damageDestructive Impulses: +10% damage with two swords equippedTargeted Destruction: extra 0.5% per Vuln stack (so each Vuln stack is worth 1.5% bonus dmg instead of 1%)Ferocious Aggression: +7% damageReinforced Potency: +1% damage per boonForceful Persistence: + ~13% damageForce Sigil in weapon: +5% damage

Critical multiplier: 200-230%

Their power likely exceeds your Armor value, so that's also applying a moderate positive multiplier as well.

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I don't know the Gunflame roamer build very well, but as an example:

Forceful Greatsword: +120 PowerPinnacle of Strength: +10 Power per Might stack (basically 33% more Power from Might)Berserker's Power: +21% damage on lvl-3 burst skillsDestruction of the Empowered: +3% damage per boon on the targetBurst Mastery: +7% damage on burst skills or Axe Mastery: ~ +8% crit multiplier from the extra FerocityBlood Reaction: ~ +10% crit multiplier from the extra FerocityBloody Roar: +15% damageSignet of Fury active: ~ +24% crit multiplier from the extra FerocityRune of the Scholar, Eagle, or Thief: +5% or +10% damage

Critical multiplier (before Signet of Ferocity): 210-240%? idkWith full Might they could have like 3800-4000 Power.

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I was playing a necro and it was a tourney pvp with a random squad.I get that the warrior can have a lot of "buffs" but with gear being equalized and builds easy to copy this would mean every warrior could hit for the same amount but they don't(yeah some might have slightly different set-ups) a better example would be the necro build I was playing its an exact copy of one I saw on Youtube, the idea behind it is to keep shroud up and use the 2 health bars etc.I watched the build video and some of the matches he did and it looked like a good build.....Playing against average people it seems like a good build but as soon as a ""Good"" player comes in BOOM dead in 1 second.The damage these people do is far greater than anyone else does using the same build the same weapons the same ruins etc I can also imagine that skilled players can press keys a lot faster/react better etc but the damage they do should the same as anyone else using the same build/runes etc but they dont seem to be.

I wonder if they use a controller but I would think that would be harder to aim but the way they run around in circles so fast while also pressing 40 different skills they must be or they are cheating(aka macro). they next miss, never miss a click, often do not get stunned or blinded etc almost as if nothing you do matters.

This all could be sour grapes but it does feel like some people do things that should not be possible.I know for a fact I am rubbish but still, it just feels.....off when you see people hit for huge numbers on skills that have a small base damage. I have tried the classes that did that damage and I could not get anywhere near those numbers following builds etc and like I said If I copy a build the damage done should be exactly the same but it never is.

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A bit surprised no one mentioned this, the class you are referring to is Revenant, not warrior. In this case likely the Power Herald PvP build.

Here is a slightly dated guide video on the build which explains which effects are present and how they get combo-ed.

That said, this is all about how some players are better at stacking damage modifiers, both positive on themselves as well as negative on the target, to get a high burst alpha out.

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There is no "base damage", a skill has its own coefficient which contribures to the calculation like this:

Resulting damage: "coefficient × weapon strength × power × damage modifiers / armor"

Let's calculate Rift Slash:Coefficient: 0.745Power: 1200 (from amulet) + 1000 (base) + 150 (from 5 might)Weapon strength: 922.5 (sword)Armor: 2029 (medium armor)Crit modifier: 2.2 (220%)10 vuln: 15% dmg increase (because of a trait)Exploitation sigil: 5% dmg increaseSwift termination: 20% dmg increaseDestructive impulses: 10% dmg increaseFerocious aggression: 7% dmg increaseReinforced Potency with 4 boons: 4% dmg increase

Plugging all in the formula, we get 3106 dmg, that's for pvp/wvw numbers so no food etc. If the target had more might and boons, you were light armor, you had more vuln etc etc I can see this being around 4k. You say 2.5k which means maybe you were above 50% hp etc.

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