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Cannot Login - [Merged]


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@"Fangz.3269" said:Hi my guild is supposed to have a rally now, but it seems like most of us are unable to login to the game.It seems like some people are able to stay online but most of us are having this error.Error code 58:11:5:535


There is a massive issue that also impact https://account.arena.net/overview and API keys (for external use) like gw2effiency site. I can log in to game, but this pop up message show up on regular basis now (after patch). There is clearly an issue which ANet need to fix take serious as this have become more common then it was for a couple of month ago.

It is too late now, but this post should have been posted in https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/categories/account-technical-support as it is an account wide issue. You could have found out it by searching from google with "gw2 error 58:11:5:535"

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