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Is ARCdps working correctly?


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A good advice to give anyone is to not check if App A or B is a breach of the user agreement, but to check if what you want to do is a breach. In the end, the app is just a tool that you use at your own risk. It is you who does things that are against the user agreement. Stay away from the dotted lines and you should always be safe. People do not get banned for the use of an app, but for unacceptable behaviour in the game.

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@Mouse.7382 said:I havent used/installed arcdps in over a year and just wanted to know if its still works correctly and a non-bannable 3rd party extenstion?

Yes it still works correctly, make sure to keep it up to date as it quite often breaks after a major patch when the memory locations that it reads change but the author frequently updates and will create a working copy quite quickly.

Yes it's still non-bannable app as it only reads the memory and doesn't change anything. I'd imagine that if ArenaNet change their stance on the mod then they'll simply instruct the author to stop updating it and he will.

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@"Pifil.5193" said:Yes it's still non-bannable app as it only reads the memory and doesn't change anything.

Just by the way, that is incorrect, this is what the User Agreement says:

"8. PROHIBITED AND IRREPARABLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES CONCERNING ArenaNetYou acknowledge that You may not, without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of ArenaNet, do any of the following:[...](i) Use, obtain or provide data related to operation of the Game, including but not limited to:(i.i) software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game;(i.ii) software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game;"

At first sight it quite clearly prohibits use of both Taco (reads memory mapped file) and ArcDPS (reads process memory) as a catch-all clause - but, and this is the big but, both were "okayished" by devs a long time ago. Devs even recently extended the memory mapped file contents Taco reads (from what was originally needed for just the sound engine iirc?) to include minimap information so it can display overlays in there. In fact the memory mapped file explicitly shares in-game information to make it available for use by 3rd party apps, and was extended just recently to include mini map information which Taco makes great use of.

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@Ray Koopa.2354 said:

@"Pifil.5193" said:ArenaNet said it was OK. It's OK. And TaCO uses the mumble API they put in place for these kind of overlays.

Can you link to where they explicitly state it's ok? Just for reference. Not like I doubt it after they explicitly share information for 3rd party apps in memory mapped files.

The ArcDPS author has it linked from his page, several posts from different sources saying it was OK.


As for TacO and other programs using the Mumble API they added that API so that people could write addons that did not need to be integrated into the game itself (incidentally they could also add damage and other combat info to that API if they wanted) and have even had competitions in the past for people to write overlays. If they ever decide they no longer want those apps to work they can easily disable the API.

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