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[NA][WvW] [NEW] Learn W V W Here is recruiting players who want to get into WvW! [Darkhaven]

Yolaus Kriff.3465

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[NEW] guild is all about the WvW. We are one of the few remaining wvw guilds that will take the time to train up newer players, and aim to foster a positive, encouraging community that shows you can have fun in battle while improving. We are seeking players who are flexible and eager to learn new builds and tactics to work into our roster for our runs. We do require that members represent the guild 100% whenever in wvw, but we don't care about PVE so rep whatever you want there. We use both discord and the server teamspeak for voice communication, depending on the occasion. Joining voice comms, running with our guild when in wvw, and playing a build/class that aid the group are expected of members.

We have fully upgraded our guild hall, complete with WvW XP and other buffs, as well as our training Arena. NEW has our most active membership mainly in the EU and NA evenings, but we have smaller groups running in wvw at random times that are always welcoming.Runs:Tuesday 8pm EST (training)Thursday 8pm ESTFriday 10pm EST (wvw reset)Weekend afternoons: guild missions/small group events

We are also looking to build the Darkhaven community, and are willing to assist and train PVE guilds that want to venture into WvW.

Come to our server and our guild, the Dark Side needs you!

-Kriff (IGN Yolaus Kriff.3465 )NEW discord: https://discord.gg/DKY4w6y

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