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PST or late night WvW guild


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Hey Dag!! I know this post is old but I just recently started recruiting for my late night PST WvW guild and I thought I'd hit you up! I wrote you in game and sent an invite, in case you haven't been checking this but I just thought I'd comment here as well.

I personally believe having multiple toons to bring to the group is really what a vet should have in mind when playing WvW so it's great that you already have that! We have strongly recommended builds for comps (when we have the specific numbers) but are flexible in what's used. I'm interested to hear more from ya about your WvW experience. Again, I sent you an invite in game in case you aren't checking this anymore, but you can reach out to me on discord as well and I can hook you up with the guild discord.

Take care! I hope to see ya soon :)

My Discord -- > dennis20014#1465

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