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World Boss Portal Device.


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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Because that's not a Core Tyria World Boss?

I suspect there may be on offer, in the future, a Crystal Desert World Boss/Operations Teleport Device.

As for Drakkar, perhaps they wanted to include the new World Boss from the Icebrood Saga in with Core Tyria, rather than the Maguuma Pact Operation Device. /shrug

I hope that's not the case. That's a horrible idea.Then you have to buy another account inventory slot to store it. If they did it, it should at least be an upgrade to the excisting device, not split them into 2 devices.And there's not that many world bosses outside Tyria, however if this would actually make them create tons of more world bosses I would ignore the fact that they would making an item that's suppose to be convinient more inconvinient than it needs to be

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@"kurfu.5623" said:I think all the POF "bosses" have to be triggered by interacting with a bounty board.

Bosses from meta events have nothing to do with bounties.

@"Dumat.1479" said:Why World Boss Portal Device doesn't teleport me to the Death-Branded Shatterer?

You are right, it doesn't make sense (re: Drakkar, but no DBS) - unless they define "core Tyria bosses" by region, not campaign (i.e., the Shiverpeaks are located in Central Tyria while Jahai Bluffs are not).

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