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Wolves Howling drives me mad 8)


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Lol. This is one of the few soundeffects I like in the game. Then again my room is covered in wolves so.....ya, wolves are kind of a thing I like. looks around room At least 100 wolf eyes peering at me atm. I dig it though. I also got a wolf cd thing which mixes instrumental with wolf sounds. you should trry one of those, mine is really good.


Legend Of The Wolf - Dan Gibson's Solitudes Full Album


why does it say watch? I follow the stupid guide exactly and write something as my title and it just defaults to 'watch'...i hate these dumb forums so much.

but i still can't get a thumnail like I'm supposed to.... /sigh

The second song and the last 3 songs are my favourite. The First one is okay. The ones in between the third and last three aren't that great tho so mbe skip those.

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@DemonSeed.3528 said:Back when I first played I actually thought the wolves howling was actually a warning that enemies were near XD, I was disappointed when that wasn't the case.

That is a cool concept it would be amazing if they added that like if you owned that territory then all creatures were under your control and would warn you of intruders. Would save us the hastle of ascalonian ghost trying to poke us with pointy objects as well XD

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