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Ancient Magics Mastery


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Hi. Recently started up gw2 again.

Q1) Is all of the masteries in Ancient magics Mastery line required to finish the season 3 story line? I have taken everything upto spectral aid. Do I need Oakhearts Reach and Siren of Orr?

Q2) If they are not required to finish the storyline are they all useful to get?

I don't want to spend the masteries if they aren't required that's why. Thanks

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Oakheart's Reach is useful for getting around in Draconis Mons and Dragonfall (Season 4 map). Oakheart's Reach is notable in its requirement for doing the Jumping Puzzle in Draconis Mons.

Siren of Orr is useless.

Either way, can easily end up with more Mastery Points than you can actually spend on HoT/Ancient Magics Masteries so there's little point in not just getting everything...

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