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FGS Champ Train Monster Loot Week Map Chat Suppression

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This has been driving me crazy the last 48 hours. Apparently map chat has gotten even more supressive these past eight weeks. Its always been bad usually a few dots after a waypoint link and you can surpass it. But now its taking the cake.

The first cycle of my champ train day would not even post coil in map chat after the waypoint link. I am in a squad and on lfg too but because I want to advertise so people can know about the squad and hopefully decide to join train for more loot. I advertise at coil, barrowstead and trio and I link all the events in-between in map chat cause sometimes 50 people becomes 70. Also some days in past monster loot weeks there are dailies in FGS so its rather advantageous reminding people there is a train on map. and they can complete their events fast with the train and stay on for the loot if they choose.

Please look at map chat suppression and see if you could make it more lenient at least for coms running trains.

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