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A Tale of Transcendence

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First off this is for anyone who would like to get the Legendary Amulet Transcendence and feels like it is impossible to get. I decided to go after the amulet because I already had Conflux and I really wanted to complete Transcendence to have both pvp related orbs.

The catch was for me that I had never dabbled in SPvP in my 8 years of playing. So I started at rock bottom. First I had to obtain rank 20 to get into ranked matches. At first this was a huge turn off for me because I wanted to start accumulating my wins NOW! But Anet knew better. Progressing to rank 20 gave me time to figure out what I liked and didn't. What I was good at and what I should never touch again. This was key for me when I finally hit rank 20 I knew which class I was best at and would give me the best opportunity to win each match.

So I ventured into getting my 120 wins. I lost more than I won at the start but then I started to string some wins together as I got better at my class. Not that I was at fault for all my losses but I did feel I could have done things better in a few of them. What I learned is to block anyone who is overly negative or aggressive towards anyone not just myself. Nobody needs extreme negativity in their life especially a game. I also learned to accept constructive criticism when presented with it in a positive way. I even would whisper the person to find out what I could have done better. Most were willing to help. Of course you take and leave what you must but it is still good to hear others points of view.

Now that those two learning experiences were over. I had got to rank 20 and won my 120 ranked matches now it was time to tackle the 20 tournament wins. In my head I kept thinking I needed a static team. But I didn't, I ended up using LFG for all 20. I started most of the groups by simply putting my rank which was G3+ or P1+ in the tournament LFG 10 minuets before enrollment opened. Most times I would get at least 1 win. About 40% of the time I would get two wins. And one glorious Friday evening I chalked up 4 wins out of 6 and took 2nd overall. Lost to the same awesome team twice. I do need to post the negative here as well. Two of my teams recorded 0 wins which I was okay with because you cant win them all.

What I suggest After you get about half of your ranked wins start doing tournaments here and there. I wish I would have. Since tournaments are at set times with large gaps between each of them. If you leave all 20 till the end you will find yourself waiting for the next one rather than just doing them as they came up while you were recording your ranked wins.

Remove all your preconceived notions on what you think the community is like and make your own assessment. I have more friends now because I came to the game mode and I bet you will too. I am not saying that you will never find people with less than desirable personalities because there is some of that. Just don't let people like that ruin your experience.

Now its all over I though I would feel accomplished because I did something I didn't think I could do. But I don't, now I just want play more SPvP!

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