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Gifts deleting themselves in inventory


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@Shylo.1426 said:Recently acquired my accounts most recent birthday, opened my gifts- on all my toon that had them, all gifts regardless of Age deleted the weapon boxs, backpack boxs etc from inventory and left the spaces open where they should be. Help?

Do you mean that you had unpacked / opened the single birthday gift box (the one that looks like a present) and had all the individual contents (special racial backpack box, weapon box, etc). Then you went to open those individual boxes and they disappeared from your inventory rather than giving you a backpack choice, etc? If so, did you have your account bank open at the time? If you double-click-open from the BANK window that shows your inventory contents, it actually throws that item into your bank instead of opening it. Maybe check your bank to make sure they're not sitting there?

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