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Feature requests


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Zoning into an area placed according to squad - party - guild - whatever. If impractical at the very least guilds.

Mounts - Based upon the choice made in your personal story a 'personal' mount. IE... Transformed into the Norn spirit choice. Transformed into an Asura Infinty ball... a valet golem. Human circus clown! Your dead sister's rotting corpse! Yes I know she's alive but the story choice wasn't 'find her alive later'. Noble - A servant pulls you in cart! How popular would that be!

Personal mount tier 3 abilities - Based on your order choice!

A restructure of future raid content. Considering that a portion of the content is created with each new story told with releases. Combining resources for production and use of existing material. The 10 man 'story' raid. The Desert Highlands meta... A God Challenge! Raid lobby - Fortune's Vale. Assemble and organize. Disperse to the cliffs for a siege engine assault on Balthazar and the army he is calling up etc etc etc.

enough for now!


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