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Thoughts on Race Change Kits


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I know this horse has been beat to death in the past but please try to be constructive and make it to the end of this short post.

My thanks :)

Since this is typically an item that is found in other MMOs I was curious as to why we do not have something similar offered in the Gem Store. This game's reward system is very centered around appearance so you would think that this sort of item would be a priority. I personally would not mind paying a bit more for an Ultimate Makeover Kit or token that allows you to change your race and appearance. Not certain what the technical challenges would be for the dev team so maybe it isn't worth the trouble. I can imagine that if you own a particular set of cultural armor that it might become unusable once you make the switch, so a loss like that would be expected. You could force armor to be removed in the process of changing race so we could avoid any nasty glitches if wearing cultural armor. But other than cultural armor, all other armor is made to suit the other races.

I am aware of the issue of personal story choices and keeping all of your achievements and rewards straight. Perhaps this could be negated in a kinda fun story fashion. Add a Asuran NPC in LA that you need to speak too in order to use the Race Change item and they can use Asuran science/magic maguffins to change your character's race. So you may have been a sylvari in the past but now you are a charr. Your past would remain the same but through the magic of back alley Asuran science your body has been transformed! It might sound goofy but I would never put it past an Asuran to try. :sweat_smile:

Not sure if that would solve the problem in a roundabout way. I'm not sure how Anet keeps track of our Races/genders/etc, maybe they maintain data-tables to record everything. Again I have no idea on the technicalities here; while I do work in software development, I am in no way versed in game development. If anyone is knowledgeable on this subject, please kindly explain what other hurdles might be.

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