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Has anyone seen ANET playing recently?


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I was just wondering - I know COVID has caused all sorts of problems for companies, and there may be a limit to how much work Devs can do from home. So, if they have more spare time, perhaps the Devs have been able to play more.

Has anyone seen an ANET player in WvW recently?

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@GDchiaScrub.3241 said:

@Jugglemonkey.8741 said:Saw one last week. There was a queue, so my commander told him to get out of border if he was going to keep AFK'ing at spawn lol

Not sure it's true for all ANET tags, but I think the WvW devs can ignore queues.


Ahhh, wouldn't be surprised if it was that way tbh. Either way, the cheek of it made me laugh.

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Well ... on Underworld/Drakkar Lake we have captured the Stonemist Castle in EBG and it is claimed by Arenanet guild with the guild tag Arenanet and the symbol/icon of ArenaNet on it on the map. So I guess they are playing. Haven't read them in team chat and I am just trying to join the map (small queue). But they might have just claimed it a bit in the past and are offline already. I don't know. Just noticed it when I looked at the whole WvW map while in borderland.

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