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Kalla's got a sword (Build and thoughts on Renegade)


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I am really into the whole revenant spec, cause it actually brings back a lot of that old spirit spammer Ritualist and Protritualist build From Guild wars 1.I was waiting for this for a long time and also i see that our class pvp wise needs some tweaks and buffs, i wanna comment my build and some reasons, why i think some arguments for the renegade, that have been brought up in the forums, changes that some people think of etc. etc. are mostly quickshots and would be bad for the classmechanic and the gameplay itself.

So my build is:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vlAQNAV8nnfNWMTuJvmRHlZzskytZ4SZ3Mor8bmlTl6fEbxYMNAOgGgNJeipA-jpRAQBB4CAQmyA+Y/hSeEA+4BBAAPAAA

With the Kalla legend switching a bit between 2-2-2 or 3-1-3 or the likes.

Try it ... i would say its better than you might think.. although its still lackuster.You are a +1 Enabler/Disabler which supports condition overflow tactics. You throw out chill like a unicorn kittens rainbows. And as soon as the other momentarily misstuned classes are brought down to reality, and we get some nasty nice tweaks you'll see we'll be fine.

In Pve the class is totally awsome to play. <3It is really fun to play and with a bit of buffing and reconsidering cleanse possibilities and Stability. It might even be better off. <3

So lets get on to the Comments some People are raising about changes of Spirits and why they are most lightly just frustrastion compensation instead of well thought thingies.

Comments on things i read a lot:

Kalla's spirits should be changed to have fields.I don't think that this would add to the game. But rather be just another field mechanic which isn't good at all.Renegade has, depending on combinations 3 fields in 4 fields in the build's

Mace - FireBow - FireDwarf - LightningMalix - Dark

The fact, that fields overlap make it a redundand mechanic, that becomes useless once you overdue it. And there are most likely fields in place half the time, considering that in spvp or pve or wvw your not alone and other classes pump even more fields that we have on revenant.

The spirits we got are a different mechanic, that offers different fields, that are new fields, that do not overlap the other field mechanic.

This way they are straight up new buffs, that add to the existing form of buffing with fields, that is a plus not a minus.You basically get a bleed buff field, an interrupt debuff field, a life leech buff field + a heal and condi damage mitigation field , and an invul debuff field ontop of everything a waterfield of your friend gives you. And we don't need another chill field considering that malix has one, and if you try the build above you'll notice we are kitten sweet awsome chiller's cause we have 2 healskills at our disposal.

Sure people come up with this easy field ideas, but as i said, think about it a second time considering what i said. Adding up :-) isn't it ;-).

As i suggested elsewhere. Make the spirits interact with fields by:(it won't hurt anybody and i don't think that any reasonable person, can argue that this would not be lovely for any Renegade class loving player, and its fair) :

Razorclaw: Explosion finisherIcerazor: Projectile finisher on a 20% chanceDarkrazor: add a 3 Second whirl finisher and make him pulse one stack of stability (or just buff his stability thingi to be relevant otherwise)

For WvW is a game of balls, and every armageddonwielding army of mages and mageknights as in this computergame would with their magic usually interrupt the very existance itself: Nobody not a single pc of one of the clashing blobs should survive a battle. Devs are already abstracting from "ficitonal Reality" by a long shot in letting players survive a neverending Poisoness enviroment of meteorshowers.

WvW is hard to bring in line i guess... and i despite someChange how the damage in big battles effects the spirits maybe but let em be npc's. Even let em be ccable: If we have tools to help em! And btw their cooldowns are relatively short. In Pve they make for an awsome Pet that can tank for you because you can play them a way that they will have the aggro. THIS IS AWSOME :-)

To say the least: Spirits are debuffable and BUFFABLE, and they are TARGETS that makes them deny 100% of a damaging ability sometimes. Sure they should have a lifepool then.. everything else is stupid.. look at the sandshades... its stupid .. you cant outplay things that dont exist.They give people nightmares, thats why mankind is frightened in ghosts in all the history ;-) it can touch you, you feel it, but since your material and its not you can't fight back <3

Or wanna have.. yeah i pop my 3 spirits here.. you cant get rid of em! .. yeah now you cleave me on a chance. I dont like the idea at freakin all. They have to stay ..if you wanna buff em a bit ok... strong buffields with a twist.I seriously would not look up to someone thinking he is skilled with that idea in mind.(Yeah mesmer and me is a kind of love-ha... nah its mostly hate-relationship :-)

Time will reveal and teams will make this an advantage considering ur never alone in an mmorpg.

Wanna hear about a broken fact nobody notices about renegade skills? Because many use em, don't go rampage and scrap the entire class as bullkitten ??

Have 2 revenants with lengthened debuffes time two Darkrazors perfectly on point and you have a 5 target ability usage lock cause they are all interrupted for most part of the 6 second duration... That is defenitely forcing someone off point ... or it forces someone to use CC on them because they want to be stopped being shot at by the renegades.. if they even get it thorugh... not to mention, that they strip stability from the foes hit if i am correct...

What i want to mention: Many players in PvP, from what i read, always scream for counterplay and ask for enourmes buffs and changes without thinking about how their ideas might brake the game by enabling another class to go stupidly rampage.

Or do you want a class that by itself can counterplay that much interrupt and has so much stability that it can act without noticing your there? Yeah well you might as well be someone that arguments the release spellbreaker and necro (which is confirmed to even have massive bugs helping him to go rampage, while some people that don't notice that still defend the way it works.. even though its not even the way intended XD ) is the way to go balance wise.

Take it the way of the Druids: If you wan't balance you have to commit to the balance.



PS.: I play Renegade in PvP because i wear a flame protective suit ever since i found the internet. Usually Trolls are vulnerable to fire... there must have been a coevolution when trolls found the internet too ...

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Yeah well what can i say.I always refuse to play stuff that is defenitely out of balance.So just to test shit i made an ele/tempest.Played em on heal.Easyly was more efficient than the best things i can achieve with any realy hard thought through builds of the rev...let alone renegade.

We need a lot of heavy buffs and tweaks to compete with that diversity...holy moly

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Yeah feels true. Actually i started using sword to try and counter a bit of the lack in defense skills on build possibilities with kalla.The maximum i could acieve in a mallix/kalla build was sword and sword to have sword 3 evade and sword 4 block... But that lost axe 4 and 5 for a cheap engage and a (broken) mass cc.. thats why the chill came in mostly seen as a damage mitigation by slowing the enemies cds.

As said i ...with no clue,cause i never really touched ele before... Went double the effectiveness of any rev build..while providing a ton of buffs and escapeability ..horrible..i just read the skills once and used a water/lightning build to teamcleanse maximum.. renegade and rev feels so painfully hard to play in comparrison.

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