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Holosmith bugs and balance fixes required


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Here is my list of holosmith bugs and other serious balance issues that require fixing.

Serious issues :

  1. Sword 3 - Radiant Arc. 0.35second aftercast putting the total cast time at 1.1seconds. Range could use adjustment as well, 450 is useless.
  2. Holo forge 2 - Holo Leap. Aftercast too high(not tested exactly as above). Range out of combat does not move full 600 range. Duration increase on the pad dropped could use increase as well. No distance is gained from this skill thanks to the current issues, running normally with swiftness provides the same distance.
  3. Auto attack chain too slow. Cleave area too small. Not a bug but pretty bad attack and no way to stick to target.
  4. Sword 2 - Refraction Cutter, increase damage, increase projectile speed, increase projectile hitbox. Add cripple to standard low heat and immob to high heat to help sword be relevant in at least one way. Right now this ability has no use, just like sword.
  5. Allow weaponswap to swap OUT of holoforge just like kits instead of only the default and ungainly F5, this consistency is important(cooldown still applies).
  6. Cauterize and Coolant Blast. Remove self burning component or drastically reduce cast time. Either or both. The self burning is REALLY bad for this skill especially if you are running condi yourself. Compared to Healing Turret this skill isn't even close due to both cooldown AND cast time. Decoupling the condi cleanse from the heal could be nice compared to HT, but not with the current numbers.
  7. Add heat mechanic to other weapons as well. MAKE THEM RELEVANT, the sword skill ones are poor.
  8. Rework engineer offhand weapons to make sword worth running. Shield especially needs love.

Less serious balance :

  1. Flash Spark. Reduce cooldown drastically. Holo is already drastically weak to condis. Make light aura default but drastically increased duration if above heat threshold.
  2. Forge skill 5 - Holographic Shockwave, too easy to cancel this skill with movement presses. Lower that possibility somehow.
  3. Heat Therapy. Add real healing power scaling. 0.01 is pretty bad. Increase the base slightly is a good idea too. This will help differentiate grandmaster tier traits.
  4. Crystal Configuration: Zephyr. Great skill but useless as long as the above mentioned Holo leap is bad.
  5. Laser Disk. Reduce cast time to 1/2 second. No reason to be this high.
  6. Allow traited Corona burst apply stability at the start of the cast. Not after the long animation is complete.

Other issues.

The self damage mechanic is purely a gimmick right now. It essentially is high risk, mediocre reward gameplay, especially in PvP.
The 6 second kit lockout is already a massive risk in PvP because you are giving up any kind of defense other than elixir S.1 of 2 solutions for this :
Make it more rewarding to be in holosmith and keep the high risk.
Adjust the kit lockout to make it less risky to enter it.

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@VaaCrow.3076 said:I want to disagree with you on some of these points and point out that if they changed it how you want it would become the new op fotm class, like spell breaker, but i'm just too lazy to list why, instead you get this comment.

Excellent quality discussions as Ive come to expect from the forums.

Feel free to enter the discussion in a meaningful way any time you are not lazy. Until then kindly refrain from wasting your own and my time.

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