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Name one thing you'd like to see in EoD, and one you don't

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want: i love to see a major overhaul so the RP part of the game actually starts to exists outside the minds of the players, have taverns actually be an interesting place to hang out, have NPC's interact to you in a mild way (like saying hello or waving), have markets every X day that sells exotic stuff.

don't want: the focus on meta's, i have had enough of everything being locked behind the oh so holy meta, i'd rather see it all go because it becomes a wall for the more casual players.

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Want: pole dancers for guild halls proper ones dervish class  margonites super adventure worlds 3 4  black lion skins farmable on events dont want: chicken race - no

Things I want to see: A revenant elite spec that uses greatsword as a melee weapon and excels at power dps. They can use Balthazar, Asgeir or even a tengu hero we haven't heard of before as the l

Want: Tengu as playable race Ritualists OPTIONAL hard mode for all maps and content.   Dont want: Horribly designed city scape like we had in gw1 Continued butcherin

Sorry, can't name just one as these three are equally important to me:

Top on my wishlist:

  1. The return of the Monk (!) and the Ritualist
  2. A Cantha as beautiful and diverse as in GW1
  3. more body options for female humans with broader shoulders, less prominent breasts and without bulimic looking waists, arms and legs; non-deformed body options for male norn and higher up-scaling option for their heads; generally more hairstyles, beards and facial options across all races


To get none of the above.

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"Name one thing you'd like to see in EoD":


A strong focus on, dungeon like, instanced content which is designed for the skill level of the average casual player. The bulk of it should be designed to be soloed and special mechanics (if there are some) should not upscale to the number of players present in the instance. The game doesn't need another round "dead" OW maps and this is the one kind of PvE content that, for the regular gameplay loop, is pretty much completely absent from the game.



"and one you don't":


Jumping puzzles, I rather see them turn the SAB into permanently available content and expand on that.


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Things I want to see:

A revenant elite spec that uses greatsword as a melee weapon and excels at power dps. They can use Balthazar, Asgeir or even a tengu hero we haven't heard of before as the legend for that elite spec.

Fishing added to the game as the fourth gathering option, like harvesting, logging and mining.

Player housing added to the game.


Things I don't want to see:

Raids. I have no interest in them.

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Warrior Land spear or dual pistols

Hard CC damage returned in competitive play

Arms and Defense traitline reworks

Berserk to get an F2 to manually end Berserk Mode

Ranger Hammer

Fun and rewarding metas that are not grind fests

New WvW maps

Better WvW rewards


Do Not Want:

Warrior Staff or scepter

CMC to keep doing competitive balance

Ranger Rifle

More Grindbrood Saga type maps/metas


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interesting maps with varied terrain and lots of things to explore

Tengu and maybe quaggans as playable races

uses for all that bloodstone dust

new dungeon(s)

storylines in shorter chapters so they can be completed in <20 minutes solo

new content in some of the older maps to help "freshen" them -- Harathi Hinterlands, I'm looking at you



Don't want

storylines that are so difficult or complex that I die 184,999 times and want to rage-quit the game

accomplishments that require hundreds of repeats just to get an arena point

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Just one, but i have so many. What I want to see, Alliances , dungeons that have a reason to do them in the story and LW arc, some mount skins that are rewards in game , armor and weapon from playing the game that dont look like a rock on a stick, im not familiar with GW1 and cantha but it sounds like there were classes not in GW2 so that would be nice to have. I am prob gonna get hate for this but I hate the downed mechanic esp when you fight other players. imo its an excuse to not balance properly. If certain class targets you you get blown up in a global before you can even react, thats not good gameplay. globalling someone is not how you have a balanced fighting, and saying well there is a downed system to help you get back up is an excuse to not balance the damage output cc's in the game mode. You really see who is overpowered without the downed mechanic, heck even with it you see how fast you can get globaled.


I would like to see better story telling and lore in open world more cohesive, with side stories that tie into the main line. There has been talk in the forums for and against open world legendary, I think this would be a great idea. Im not saying they should drop from kills, but a long list of monsters to kill achieves to do collections from world events bosses dungeons can be used for pve open world legendary armor. In this game the player vs player mode has 2 ways to get sets, but in PVE its only really instanced raids, that a majority dont do anyway. Why not allow the majority to feel like they count also, and let them do a legendary line from playing the game in true pve? Anyway im sure there is more but those are the ones I have thought of the most.

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29 minutes ago, Luclinraider.2317 said:

Want: Down state removed from all forms of PvP and 2's and 3's arena added a constant competitive game mode. Also, remove all gold rewards from ranked PvP to keep bots out of it.


Don't want: PvP to remain as it is....dead.

Oh god I agree with downed state in pvp and wvw, you cant truly balance classes with that mechanic. Some are overpowered some underpowered and downed hides that fact.

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