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all of your summon are illusions :purple ones are phantasms , they are mostly from weapon skill 4 or 5 and few utilities . each of them has single one attack skill with an active timer . they have more hp than clones .

clones are the ones which look like mesmer themselves and have less hp . they use same AA attack (or nerfed version of aa depends on weapon )as players when you summon them . they do far less power damage than player but they can apply condition as AA attack .

blur is evade frame mainly from sword 2 . note you will still take retal damage and get cc by ele shock aura (they bypass blur)mirage cloak is mirage special evade frame , it replaces mirage dodge and last 1s . mirage can also gain mirage cloak from touch mirror . it's kinda same as blur for its function . but when mesmer gain mirage cloak , mesmer also gain access to use ambush skill for each weapon set , its like thief sleath attack .

distortion is pretty much invuln frame .but be aware there are few attack from raid bosses will bypass distortion such as deimos mind crush.

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