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[NA][PvE] The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for Veteran, Casual & New Gamers!

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Older player here. Experienced PvE-wise, but not necessarily very skilled. I am curious and would consider joining. I know very little about Discord and would like to fix that. I mostly play in a fragmented way from 9 PM to 1 AM Eastern time. With more quality time, I'd like to actually learn fractals properly instead of feeling like a headless chicken following the others.

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I am a casual player that is looking for a guild that helps each other and is friendly. I have been playing for years but never got into much of the group play besides world events. I have tried a few guilds that just didn't help or weren't willing to teach. I don't want to be carried. I want to learn how thing work so I can be able to help the next players that needs it and join in on group events. I am interested in joining your guild if there is still room. 😋

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Hello I'm a semi-hardcore player on weekdays looking to join a new guild for events, raids, fractals, and more. Returning player looking to complete missing living world stories, map completion, and start legendary armor.  Shoot me an invite if interested. Thanks!

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