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[NA][PvE] The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for Veteran, Casual & New Gamers!

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Are you guys open to a totally new player of sorts?  I started playing GW2 when it first came out but sadly only made it to lvl 40 with my engineer I made at that time, was big into WOW back then.  Just recently got back into the game a couple of months ago, and I now have a lvl 80 Necro.  I currently have all the mounts except for Warclaw, and working on getting geared up with Ascended gear.  Just looking to join up with some people to have fun, and to help show me the ropes as I'm still real green at the game.  I've learned a lot but still have so much more to pick up.  I would like to join if you guys are open to newbs!  LOL...

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invites have been sent out please check your guild panels!

both invites sent out!

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