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[NA][PvE] The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for Veteran, Casual & New Gamers!

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I'd be interested in joining. Not sure if a veteran as never did too intense content (like uw soloing in gw1) but have been in the ecosystem for awhile under a different account...maybe a veteran casual :). I played through GW1/fa/nf/eotn way back in the day as a kid, gw2 beta to the end of lw1, and had to take a break due to life commitments. Just getting back in the swing of the game now (at HoT at the moment) and thrilled to see how far game has come/everything that's been added. Remembered I liked doing fractals a ton when they first came out & some casual spvp/wvwvw, but looking to get back into things in the game/feel like learning a lot of 'familiar but very different' things. Leaning towards participating in/helping out on some casual pve like fractals/etc. as my schedule allows. Thanks!

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