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Please rework Signet of Vampirism again - it keeps putting me in combat

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That won't be fixed because it can't be fixed. It's part of the mechanic. The leeching has a poor 180 radius to keep this undesired side effect under control.

But I am with you. Instead of being passive, it should leech when you land a hit and the leeching should be increased as the needed effort for the leeching would be higher. Nevertheless anet won't change that, because the active and the passive effect would mechanically be the same, which would make no sense.

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@Deifact.3095 said:Why not have the passive leech a small amount from enemies in an aoe around the target you hit, and the active applies the leech debuff on the enemy that heals players that hit it?

That would be pretty amazing, though it might be broken if I'm hitting more than one thing at a time. I'm sure there'd be an ICD though.

@Anchoku.8142 said:Don't use it?


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Just have it so that in OW PvE, it only affects targets you're in combat with.

So neutral mobs and critters are unaffected unless you've aggro'd them.

No need to remake the thing entirely.

That said, I wouldn't be opposed to a rework to it given how awkward the current version is with its limited radius (Due to the inherent design being busted if it were to get a larger radius to allow for more AoE siphons)

@"Redpawa.4108" said:They are unlikely to change it to leech from foes on hit, as the thief signet already does that.

Thief's signet doesn't leech. It only heals on hit.

Also, if that was a strong argument, there wouldn't be the Elementalist signet that does the same thing.

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@Bezerker.2379 said:I have an idea.. have the signet operate as it used to, and .. proc when you are hit by something. Double the value in shroud. Done.

I still don't know why they had issues with this passive. It was incredibly good in roaming and fights.

Agreed, the change was a nerf. I think the intention was so it could be used in melee zerg fights for sustain, doesn't help any. They tried giving necro melee ability with Reaper, and wound up nerfing it before release and every so often after to the point that I don't see it used much in large fights. Reaper has some usefulness as a fringe cleaver, scrounge as a ranged assault. Core necro seems to work best in melee with shroud and dagger (vamp sig does help here), but still works best ranged. Just my experience and opinion tho.

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