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QOL - Local Map Population Indicator


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The Topic: Showing live population on any given map, in the WvW panel.

The issue: Not being able to see live population on any given map.

The following is my proposed solution:

I know ANET has stressed their concern with WvW populations and not showing actual numbers on the WvW sub-panels where players enter a map or a queue. However, I have what I believe to be a pretty appropriate approach to the issue.

Instead of showing 12/70 or 40/70 or 50/70 on the Borderland sub-panels, we have color scales.

ANET knows what each map's population threshold is, why why not have something like a 25%/50%/75% color scale?Maybe throw in some participation based variable that indicates objectives are being defended, sieged or if fights are happening?

0-25% Population + Tier 1 -> Tier 2 Avg. Participation = Green50%-74% Population + Tier 3 -> Tier 4 Avg. Participation = Yellow75%-99% Population + Tier 5 -> Tier 6 Avg. Participation = Red100% Population = Queued

This way a player, group or guild can travel to a map in confidence with a goal in mind blindly entering a map and getting stuck in a queue.

On my server specifically (I'm sure it's the same for others), players will queue into the most popular map and they'll remain in Lion's Arch because they don't know what else is going on in other maps.

Additionally, when scouts are asking for help on a map guilds will travel to the map but the map will be queued. If the commander can make an informed decision on whether or not to help that map based on the color based scale, then it's better for them to perhaps pressure another objective instead of splitting the squad in queue.

Finally, it can help distribute players to maps that have lesser active population and participation so that players or groups aren't discouraged by a large queue if they can see other maps are active.

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