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is jade quarry any good?


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I would say JQ is meh, not good enough, but not the worst. The majority of WvW guilds that were on there at one point keeping T1 and sitting in T2 for some time left due to the announcement of Alliances cough but I still would like to thank the one developer who tried to make it possible. But if you have worked in any IT industry, you know how it is when you are pulled off a passion project to do others. Most scattered to IoJ, SoR, BP, AR, BG, but I heard a couple people migrated back to JQ. So JQ is not the best, but they will put up a fight when they need to, but don't feel bad when you hit dead zones for coverage or a ton of pvers trying to get a daily sitting at spawn camp chilling waiting for harpy.

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Jade Quarry was like the Roman Empire. It had it's rise. It had it's fall. And all servers are the same, like the tide, they have an ebb and flo. It's ups and downs. Jade Quarry was at one time, top dog for nearly 3 years. Usually it took double teaming to grind us down. Come fourth year, groups get burned out, or switch servers. Our composition and quality of guilds within the server have evolved over time. It's a community like any other. And for you, i'd treat Servers like shoes. Some will fit and you'll be comfortable as all get out. Some will not fit, and it will be an uncomfortable experience. Welcome back to Jade Quarry. If for some reason it's not your cup of tea...well, you can always spend the gems and switch servers. I highly reckomend, you hook up with friends, if those friends play WvW. If your friends are on Jade Quarry, more power to you. If your friends are on a different server and play WvW....i'd probably want to switch to that server to play with the friends. More comfort with buddies and all that.

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