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Idea for a new gw2 addon: Chat text to Speech.


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Okay, I had the idea the other day while playing. What if, by inputting text in the chat box, it makes a speech bubble, but in addition of that, it makes an hearable speech, like when npcs are speaking or enemies dying? This would be the role of that addon.

How I imagine it to work, concretely:-What infos would it retrieve from the game? -> The last imputed text in the chat box.-Would it modify the game in return? -> Nothing would change.-The function: Turn a text (chat) into a speech (audio). And play it, almost instantly or short delay after the text is imputed in game.

The main thing, the conversion:I've found that website here that do the text to audio conversion. The code would copy paste the last imputed sentence in chat to the website. And depending on the character sex that is detected it will pick a male or a female voice on website. The website will then, just play the text.

So to summarize:mTwJ17d.jpg

This would help for immersion, giving voice to our characters, outside of stories: For rp, while with other on discord servers....This is really a raw concept, and sadly I can't really make it concrete because I have 0 notions or knowledges in C+++ or programming.Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Apart from the Mumble API data, which makes character location and a few additional details available, I don't think the game client exposes anything, and you have to resort to pixel-to-text conversion (OCR) - and before that, you must find a very fast way to retrieve the image from the DirectX or OpenGL display, or the animation will halt all the time, as when taking a screenshot.

If you want only your own character's speech, things are simpler. You can hook the keyboard (not sure how that works if DirectX handles keyboard input on Windows platforms). For the system to tell chat text from action keys, it could ignore anything not between two Return key presses - first return to focus the chat window, second return to send the line.

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