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LagWars 2 - the real enemy in LW4 is the lag - and now also in Icebrood Saga

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Lag in several GW2 maps is killing the game itself. It is not possible that in 2020 we can die in game due to lag ... not of an occational lag, but of a persistent lag.

The connection seems satisfactory (120Mb / s in download and 32 Mb / s in upload), no download activity in progress, graphical parameters setting in game "best performance" ... yet you still manage to die in all the map of LW4.

If I have any lag in the whole world of GW2, then I might think that the problem is mine and my connection and my pc, but it is not. In WvW, during world bosses and in the latest maps full of players for farming they do not have these lag problems.

Maps created during the LW4, now little used today, however, are in constant lag.

Why am I complaining just now? because after a few years I decided to tackle the living story with all my secondary characters and I am realizing how widespread the problem of lag is in GW2.

Who knows if with the release of GW2 on STEAM, these things will improve? we can only hope.

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20th November 2020: tonight it was really fun to play on the Thunderhead Peaks map. The lag was so strongly present that the two big events simply and miserably failed over and over again. As for the Hydra event, it was simply ridiculous: due to lag, the Hydra simply teleported into the map. We are close to the end of 2020 and this map is simply unplayable. If you want to try to play in this map, arm yourself with patience and great luck to be able to log into a map with "low" lag.

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It started affecting Ice Brood saga maps. Badly. Trials are skipping in Bjora Marches (as in, they are fulfilled and not properly priming for the fishing trial which stays permanently on, or unstable essence isn't spawning for vortex trials).

I am starting to seriously lose patience in regard to this lag.

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At this point it doesn't seem to be a -map- issue. Something is degrading, and that something was introduced with PoF maps. It's likely to continue creeping up the newest maps after a time.

Just do a narrow test group in limited instances. Select enough players to fill a map, give them a specialized client, and have them run the current versions of those maps in unison to find out what's happening. Have a focus group where everyone is in contact with each other.

If you cant do it on your own, the players can help, as long as you ask and provide directions as to what they're meant to do for you to get an accurate reading. The current situation has not only been going anywhere, but is getting worse. You're supposed to release a 3rd expansion and expand to Steam. Get a grip.

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