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  1. Majory will likely take center stage and Im pretty sure we will find out she is related to the line of leaders cantha has followed. (She will become the first empress with our help.)
  2. Likely we will get a togo/mehnlo clone. Probably one of their decedents?
  3. The hints of norn in cantha likely stranded over there, showcase we might get as some say Jhavi/braham and them being used as punching bag culturally.
  4. We wont likely have a single charr
  5. we wont likely get an asuran character.

Seems to me its going to be human-centric with Canthan-norn playing something like the Olmakhan in their presentation.

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I think there are plenty ways of introducing a new main character. and there are plenty ways for it not to be a human.We know there once where dredge and Tengu there. The ministry tried to purify and the tengu fled to Cantha, but maybe some remained in a small village, withstanding the forces of the emperor (perhaps by the use of a magic potion ;) )We do not know about the Dredge. They have more reason to have stayed there and resist the ministry as they fled from Tyria to Cantha in the first place.

We do not know how Cantha will open up from isolation. Maybe we go with a fleet of pact ships, bringing thousands of pact members of all races. there should be a lot of Tyrian heroes of all races wanting to go with the fleet to Cantha.

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