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Undocumented Scourge Nerfs?


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Undocumented Scourge Nerfs

  • Nefarious Favor now has a 8s CD, up from 5s (WvW/PvP only)
  • Manifest Sand Shade now has a 10s duration, down from 20s (WvW/PvP only)
  • Dhuumfire no longer pulses on each tick of Desert Shroud, once on cast only (All modes)

OP of the reddit post is claiming the above findings.Anybody confirmed this?If true, doesn't it hurt Scourge's PvE DPS BIG BIG time?I wonder why the Dhuumfire nerf is in ALL MODES??I heard Scourge is a broken class in PvP and WvW but I hate to see it getting hurt in PvE.

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Yeah and they claim it was out because they didn't have the time to update the patch notes before they were sent out.

That is the most bullshit excuse I have seen by ANET - it has been already 5 hours since the patch notes were posted and no update of them containing this info.

What a joke.

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