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Portal for Diving Goggles in Not So Secret JP

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If you are anything like me, you won't get this achievement first time (or second, or third, ...). I'm on NA and notice mesmers advertising in LA, as well as sometimes in the map. I also keep a small list of JP mesmers in my friends' list.

Unfortunately, I am on NA so I cannot help with my list.

I would ask around in LA. Some people have mesmers who they have left at the end of that JP. You might get more traction asking in-game as there are many more people who play the game than read the forums.

Good luck!

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@"Steve The Cynic.3217" said:One thing that helps immensely with this JP is a staff Daredevil. Use "Vault" = staff skill 5 for precise jumps in places that need those. (Yes, there are other professions with aimed jump skills, but none of them cools down as fast as Vault.)

I'm pretty sure revenants have a 3 second cooldown on call to anguish with mallyx... BUT it doesn't move that far, and it doesn't go up at all.

I helped someone with this achievement, and we used teleport to friends. We tried portals but it didn't work out very well

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