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display issues / dissapearing in-game cursor issues


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so, i moved house and it brought up all these new issues, which before had been brief issues then fixed, now some came back again.for the record, gw1 has been reinstalled and gw1 is working flawlessly! HDR all works properly, display is good, no display or cursor issues.But with gw2, its installed now and all okay, i log in and boot up the game, and thats all fine fortunately, the game is playable and fine, BUT2 main issues cause untold stress and leave it unplayable. in-game mouse cursor is totally invisible, I've also tried yolomouse but it didnt even work either,(also invisible yolo cursor) this is not a problem in any other part of the system or any other game,gw1 even works absolutely fine. :)also display issue is as such: washed out colours/constrast/ everything looks grey and boring and bland...no real hdr shadows/midstones/brightness showing, all colours seem as if using an awful broken rgb palette that doesnt display real colours correctly, sorry i cant be more technical.... but it would be fine if i could but see the ingame cursor and also the graphics were back to the good way they used to look *(or how normal and good they look with gw1 right nowforinstance) but for now, this needs a fix :ohopefully in time...thanks if anyone can help

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thirdly for the record, i am only temporarily running adsl, but the 80mb fibre should be installed v soon,i know this will help plently in getting the in-game performance and other issues fixed faster too, but the phonepeople are overworked since the "pandemic", so its slower than usual for them to install the fibre line...

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