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[NA][WvW][Crystal Desert] Elhaym [Ham] OCX/SEA


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Elhaym[Ham] is a WvW focused guild based in Crystal Desert.

[Ham] Runs approx 15+ open squad on most nights.

We run almost every night GMT+8 8pm for at least 3 hours

Our players are PvX but the guild will be focused on WvWNo prior experience in WvW Required.


Discord during official runs(no need to speak if uncomfortable but must listen in)

Use guild builds

Rep guild during official runs and join squad if guild tag is up and if you are in wvw

Must be in Crystal Desert

Be kind

Classes we are looking for but don't worry if you don't have themSupport Spellbreaker, Minstrel Healbrand, Heal tempest, Scourge/reaper, Support scrapper, Herald DPS.

Special mention if you like to roam and scout we appreciate you too! We will share participation and you can do what you do best!

If you are interested to join/have any questions, drop a message in game "iKeelMellow.8315"

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