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Raven Skin - Do not miss that chance!

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Please introduce a Raven skin for the Griffon Mount, similar to the already existing pet skin "Mini Svelicht the Fog Raven"!

As this lovely Pet was available with long years ago Mad King, what is holding you back from scaling it up a little bit and let it hit this years Mad King?!

I(and for sure, thousands of other players) would like to grind it to the limit or pay a heck load of gems to have that opportunity. To quote Svelicht as saying: "Dear brothers, when will we sing again? I'm beginning to forget our song."

See you in Tyria :)

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I think Anet thinks they've already made some raven (or at least corvid) themed skins, going by the names. There's the Point-Tipped Corvus and the Clouded Corvus (although that one looks more like a parrot to me). There's also the Northern Feather Wing, which is the same model as the Point-Tipped but with a different pattern.

Although if I was trying to copy Svelicht I'd probably use the Primeval griffon and dye it shades of white.

Would your idea be like a combinaton of the two - the raven/bird of prey style face with the smoke effects, or something different?

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Na, I don't think that the mentioned skins are actually looking even close to a real smart, curious crow/raven. I'm missing the long, thin beak and the shape itself, beside their songs. The current skins all remind me of an owlish chassy with some different feathers/effects on it, except the unicorn and maybe the catlike skins.. I also wouldn't mind having a Skin with only two legs as it would maybe look awkward with four crowish legs ^^

In my non-technical imagination, a simple upscaling of the ingame crows/ravens would do it perfectly. Or shrink potion and and let me ride the Pets :]

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