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Guild Missions and rewards


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building the third guild hall now, I'm kind of fed up with some issues in guild missions.

Guild Trek:When you are at one of the locations, it always takes a couple of seconds until it's counted.That's not that bad, but that in 4 of 5 cases it even takes several minutes after reaching the last location until it's counted, that's annoying. We also often had the problem that the mission failed because even after 5+ minutes, it wasn't recognized. Our record was when three people danced on the last location for more than eight minutes torturing our F key. And yes, the mission did fail...

Guild Race:Can this be changed so that one only gets the reward when the whole race was successfully finished?There are always a few noobs that start the race, run through once to get the reward. When you arrive with a group that really want's to do the mission to get the Guild EP, we always have to wait until the race started by that guy finally fails, before we can start it.This cheap leeching should be disabled...It's just wrong to get a reward for failing.

Especially the issue with the guild trek needs fixing. It's not that the problem exists since yesterday...

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I learned that those guild missions are dead content. No fixes since start, no new content since years... The races often bugged, rewards are bugged, and if you try to start a guild race, you have to look if not someone other started it becaus the race has its own timer (not that of your guild panel). The treks are quite annoying, yep.I hope ANet will do something here, because else nobody will do that anymore (like me).

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@Buffy.5081 said:Especially the issue with the guild trek needs fixing. It's not that the problem exists since yesterday...

True, but you need to care about a problem if you want to go ahead and fix it. ANet, has figured that guilds can't be monetized the way they want them to so they abandoned the content. Sad but true, no one at ANet cares about guilds.

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