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Help a returning player out? LF SPVP Bunker mesmer/chrono/mirage build.


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Hello everyone!Let me get straight to the point. Things I like to do as a mesmer (and in general for other classes like guardian and ranger):

-Staying in a good distance from my enemy (when possible)-Defending Points on PVP-Being Tanky

With this points in consideration I am looking for the most tanky/bunker mesmer/chrono/mirage build possible solely for SPVP. If possible with staff/GS, pistol, scepter (weapons that enable me to say within a good range from my enemy.

I am really wondering how would i tackle this aspect of mesmers, as I know it can be done.

Thank you in advance.

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@Delcarma.4583 said:perhaps, maybe, what if bump?

Beside Mesmer, I think the closest thing to your description in OP is ranger. I do think mesmer can work somewhat, but as other mentioned not very effective. Condi mirage, using I think carrion amulet, would work. Scepter + pistol and staff. I would recommend checking GW2 metabattle For the exact build.

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I've seen some core condi mes builds that seemed fairly bunkery. They also put out a ton of illusions. I'd imagine you would need inspiration, chaos, and dueling.

In general the most bunkery you can get on mesmer right now would probably just boil down to weapon choices. So sword mainhand for distortion, sword offhand for a block, scepter for a block, and torch for target dropping/condi clear/stealth.

Staff if you're running protection on chaos armor and I have seen some mirage builds running it but as others have said, it really just takes one aggressive thief or a holo pressing pretty much any ability and you're already beyond pressured. Necro can also be pretty punishing.

Mesmer is still balanced in the sense that in order to run high sustain it has to sacrifice its damage sources. Unlike the countless other builds right now that are far easier, have high sustain, and often spray high aoe damage with ease.

Even with the latest changes to Chrono it's only a shell of what it used to be. 1. Shield is clunky af now. 2. No distortion. I wouldn't run chrono for anything other than damage or gimmicy condi builds.

If you understand the class you can still seem "bunkery" to inexperienced players without necessarily running bunker just by confusing them with clones/phantasms and using the few tools it has left for sustain. High phantasm/clone generation and disorienting your opponent is probably going to be your best bet for sustain though.

But yeah, if there is a thief on the enemy team that's even halfway decent or just knows to switch to shortbow and spam you're pretty much a liability no matter how "bunker" you build.

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