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[EU][PvE][Casual][Social] The White Wolf Company [TWW] is a guild trying to gather a group of people


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Many guilds today revolve around weekly schedules, raid training/progression and strict organized guild structures as if it was a business model. We feel that many guilds have moved away from the core values of what a guild is supposed to be: A fellowship, a family, a group of adventuring friends and a home.We in The White Wolves Company aim to go back to that concept and create a small group of friendly and social people who can commit to the before mentioned values.

Even though we will not have set schedules or weekly events per say, that doesn’t mean that we as a guild wont do these things. There’s nothing better than adventuring and achieving things in a game with friends that you can depend on and have fun with. We aim to become an active and highly social community where people can feel comfortable, relaxed and join in on any activities, discussions or simply chat. Things we can offer are as follows:

  • An active Discord server
  • Members who are willing and able to help
  • A community of friendly people where you can be yourself
  • All sorts of guild activities as we develop.
  • A promise that the guild won’t have a huge amount of members. For now we’re thinking 40-50 members. (this would devalue the intimacy of the social aspect of the guild)

We do aim to do weekly guild events, missions, fractals and eventually raids and such. Besides those things we also want to do social events just for the fun of it whether it being a gambling night in Amnoon, fashion wars in guild hall or decoration competitions. Even movie nights on discord or just shits and giggles in the late evenings.

There are no requirements to join the Guild other than actively socializing and occasionally playing with us. We do also require you to join our Discord as it is paramount to generate the social aspect that we seek in our community. When you get invited, you will be automatically given the rank of “Company Pup”. The following week, we call ‘’the trial week’’. This is where both you and us try to gauge whether or not TWW is the right fit for you. If so, you will be given the rank of ‘’Company Member’’ and officially become part of the pack ?.

For more information please send a DM in-game to any of the following people: [Freakzking.5120], [EllieRock.2084], Zhordy.8123.

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