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Is it possible ti fix the other pets too?


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I wonder if its possible to fix the other pets.Rockgazelle was kinda overpowered and bugged. I can understand why they wanted to balance that.BUT WHY THE KITTEN HAVENT THEY TOUCHED ANY OTHER PET. (sorry for the caps but it was kinda neccessary)

They havent touched the bugged leaps on canine or birds.They havent touched the bugged poisonfields from spiders.You still have only 2 skills from a devourer underwater.Felyne still have underwhelming dmg.Porcine still have the most unusable activation skill, even if they would be decent pets.Ursine still have waaaaaay to high CD on their skills.And all base game pets have way to high CD on their activation skills.

And many many more.

So Arenanet i ask if it is possible to fix the UP pets too and not just ajust the OP ones which are basically the only competitive options so far.

Rant is over any other pet bugs and underperformans i havent touched on can gladly be posted in this threat .

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