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I want a "destroy their spawn" game mode


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Just a 10 vs. 10 linear map. (Linear I mean no sides like in Foefore but more like Coliseum. I hope you know that I mean.) Bigger map.

And side mechanics that are needed. A forward spawn to capture in middle. (Enemies could sneak and bypass it if the map was big enough and especially with 10 vs. 10 where a few players would sneak and enemy might not notice.)

Make some bombs or stuff that need to be carried to the enemy spawn to attack it and reduice the hp pool. A bit similar to orb in spirit watch. A bit similar to Stronghold where doorbreakers carry bombs. But: Players would need to carry it. Other players would need to defend it. Might need coordination. (Maybe then the game mode would be suited for guilds?)

Additional objectives could be ones that reduce (or increase for enemy) spawn times. At the end you should be required to kill all remaining enemy players. (Could be interesting if both kill each other's spawn point at the same time.)

A sudden death where no respawn is possible anymore - of match drags on for too long. (Mabe if both defending only.)

I like the tactical play. If it gets less focused on "combat skill" but if tactical play is more important like knowing where to go and when to go there. 5 vs. 5 seems to small of an amount of players for me. WvW is too zergy. (Thoug small to mid-scaled combat there can get interesting.) The maps in PvP with important side mechanics that have a big influence on the match ... are intersting for me. (I love temple.)

Stronghold got "okay-ish" for me once I tried it a bit more recently. But there are people that don't seem do understand it. (Lot of players ignore the 1 supply you start with and run to mid.) And the PvE elements are boring. (Would be more interesting with just players and the champ ... well since you already had to unlock champs you don't want to remove this from the game lol. :D But bombs should be carried by players instead.) If both teams split on defending and attacking ... then no one makes progress and it feels dull while the timer rans for tooo long until someone manages to overcome the defenders or time runs out and it is a win by points.

The 10 vs. 10 or 15 vs. 15 with bigger maps and where splitting in groups becomes necessary (and importand and interesting and fun to do) ... where it is a lot about being at the right time at the right place. (And anticipating the enemies movement ... and being at the wrong place can be bad because of a big map and takes longer time to react to move elsewhere.) That is somehing this game is missing.

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