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Can you tell ne differenze for pve of all pecialization about necro(reaper scourge and core)?


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Reaper is a predominantly Power based specialization that is focused around doing a lot of damage.

Scourge is a hybrid of Condition damage and Support that generally errs more towards providing Support for allies.

Core Necromancer, is a very Tanky specialization that lacks in damage.

For PvE, Reaper is generally the best option. Though there are some rare times when Scourge is useful to a team for instanced content such as Strikes.

Core Necromancer is generally inferior to both Reaper and Scourge in PvE. It however is more viable in PvP/WvW due to its tankiness.

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Core Necromancer is mostly used in PvP.Reaper can do everything core can do but better: Reaper has lots of cleave.Scourge has the best group support with barriers, if your group needs support. Scourge is also better with condition damage than core.

For PvE open world, you will want Reaper with Berserker's equipment for fastest kills.

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