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Weaver PVE guide needed


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Hi Im currently following this build here,


However i have trouble understanding the storm soul and lightning rod trait specialization. As a weaver, you dont have many disable skills, so why do we need traits that enhances dmg when we disable our foes like elemental lockdown>?

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This looks like a PvP build to me. Chaining together interrupts while adding burst to them is great pressure to force opponents on the defensive. But PvE mobs don't react to pressure and this build is super glassy while also not having great damage output in longer fights.

An example of a power-based weaver build for raids: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Weaver_-_Power_DPS_Sword

But what is your focus? Is this a raiding build? Fractals? Open world/story? Which builds work best depends a lot on which type of content you're using it for. For open world, you really can't go wrong with condi weaver. It has excellent burst and sustained damage with the ability to survive practically anything!

Without knowing what exactly you're looking for, I'll just link you one of my videos. There's a build link in the comments if you want to try it yourself!

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@Canus.6249 said:hmm if im a sword dagger user, should i use sigil of battle for d migth stack or should i go for sigil of force? Sigil of accuracy for my dagger

I'm not sure of the math on that. In organized group play the 5% will be better because support roles should provide might for you.

This is why it might be helpful to elaborate on your intended focus with your build. The correct answer depends on a lot of other variables.

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As Aliam said it depends a lot on exactly what kind of content you are trying to do. For PvE and WvW I use a staff air weaver and find that I have a lot of CC skills available to use. Fire and air seems to be a popular combo for high damage in weaver. But I can't specifically help you anymore there because the main attractive feature of weaver to me is the ability to move around very quickly after using CC skills.

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