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e spec fantasy, maybe for future xpacs after EoD


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the engineer now have portal to his base full of gadgets, so no need for toolbelt skills.mechanic : weapon swap in combat. weapon swap count as toolbelt skills for related traitsweapon : staff-1 3 chain auto like guard staff-2 shoot 3 projectile that stick on target, after delay, it explode, like harpoon gun time bomb skill-3 open a portal that reflect projectile, like rev hammer-4 hit your target hard, sending them through a portal 900 unit away from you, like guardian banish, but it knockback and teleport the target, not launch-5 stick your target with portal bomb, after delay it will open and pull nearby enemies into target. if any enemies get pulled, the portal will expode, if not, the target get knockdown instead.skills : portal-heal: create a portal that heal and cleanse condi for you and allies. portal can be destroyed early for burst heal but no cleanse.-utility 1: prepare a gate for portal. you can activate it later to teleport back from current location to gate location, like prototype position rewinder.-utility 2 : daze your target and teleport them to you after a delay.(stability negates the teleport)-utility 3 : open a portal in panic and teleport to random point around target, break stun.-utility 4 : open portal to alternate dimension and summon 2 version yourself, holo and scrapper, to aid in combat. like mesmer clone but phantasm health, and do basic holo and scrapper attacks, like thieves guild.-elite : open a portal to your base and take all of your arsenals, basically supply crate without stun, and summon all turrets, and drop bundles that can be pick up by allies, elixirs, gadgets, and kits.

minor trait :

  • you can swap weapon.
  • weapon swap grants 4 seconds of protection.
  • gain barrier when swapping weapons. (around 1500)

adept :

  • portal skills grant stealth on use.
  • inflict confusion to enemies around when use portals, gain might when inflict confusion.
  • portal skills cleanse a condition.


  • inflicting condition grant increase damage, 1% per condition up to 10%.
  • control skills inflict weakness, interrupting enemies inflict confusion.
  • portal skills grant 15% damage reduction for 5 seconds when used.


  • weapon swap daze enemies around.
  • weapon swap break stun
  • weapon swap cleanse 2 conditions and heal for you and allies. (around 2000 heal)

sorry for bad english, feel free to correct or add, or maybe speculate your own e spec.cheers

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I think replacing the toolbelt with a weapon swap is very unlikely to happen for an engineer elite spec.

Weapon swap usually has a cooldown of 10 seconds (with the exception of warriors with the trait fast hands). If we take the tools traitline, we could bring that down to 8,5 seconds cooldown, which is still not really good if we are looking at the benefits we are getting from using toolbelt skills.

This system means that we can just get all these benefits a single time in 8,5 seconds:

  • 1 static discharge proc
  • 2 seconds of vigor
  • 1 charge of kinetic battery
  • 1 soothing detonation proc

Quite some anti-synergy with our trait system here, you are crippling 1 minor trait, 1 adept trait and 1 grandmaster trait from the tools line and 1 master trait from inventions with this. And on the other side, I don't actually see this system to have any good synergy with any of our trait lines.

Also you are pretty much forbidding this elite spec to take one of our core healing skills: med kit.The actual healing skill from the med kit (bandage self) is located on the toolbelt, which is gone in your elite spec suggestion here, meaning that the med kit using has no actual healing skill to sustain themselves.

Will provide some thoughts about my own elite speculation here soon

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Thank you for the feedback, and you're right, lack of toolbelt skills really bad for engi. Actually when i think about this concept, the engi still can use the toolbelts, and the new mechanic works like photon forge, the traits and interaction can work by itself, much like heat management, but anet and some ppl think espec must come with some penalty, so after some thinking, that stupid idea of no toolbelt was the best i can come up with. Or maybe let it have no penalty, an adjust it with time?

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