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If i can suggest little change to Sunqua final boss for T1/T2

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Sunqua Fractal is prety nice doneif i dare to ask as mortal not knowing nothink about balance:

Reduce hp of last boss by 33% at T1Reduce hp of last boss by 20% at T2

In my option ther are new players that just starting adventure with fractalsSo thay not run meta builds/gear and thay party usualy is made by 4 "dps" 1 heal

Thats mean it taking bit longer than it schold be becose boss moving around a bit

Propably ppl on t4/cm have no problem with it, and it's eazy boss for them

But make fun for ppl that are not experienced/skilled that much yet ;)

thx very much for reading, and have a nice day :)

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